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Biosecurity/Avian Influenza

In order to have a healthy flock of poultry, the single most important concept to understand and implement is biosecurity.  Biosecurity is defined as any practice(s) that reduces the risk of introducing an infectious disease to your flock.  Infectious diseases can enter your flock numerous ways including via contact and indirect contact with wildlife, insects, infected feed, infected poultry and fomites (i.e. non-living materials such as shoes and tires that act as a vector for disease onto your property).

The following links will provide you with background material and suggestions for implementing biosecurity to your flock.  The more you maximize biosecurity practices the safer your flock will be from contracting infectious diseases that are most often not treatable.  You may realize that many of the recommendations are relatively easy to accomplish for your flock and husbandry style.  You may also realize that some are not practical for your specific situation.  Philosophically our recommendation is not to make “perfect the enemy of good.”  In other words do the best you can with your resources and husbandry style.  That type of incremental progress could the difference between a healthy flock and a sick flock. 
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