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About PEPA

6 Ways Pacific Egg & Poultry Association Can Help You!

Representing Your Interests in the Legislature.
Thousands of bills are introduced in the State Capitol every year, many of them affecting your business future. PEPA represents the poultry and egg industry in the following areas: Agricultural marketing, transportation / trucking, air pollution laws, farm animal welfare, egg inspection, and more. As a member of PEPA, we make sure that your voice is heard.

Providing the Best in Poultry Education
PEPA provides seminars and conventions that include informative speakers and educational materials! PEPA is also the umbrella organization which ensures that the PEPA Scholarship and Research Foundation continues to function and provide funding for the education of those interested in careers in the poultry and egg industry; and for important research projects benefitting both the egg and poultry industries.

Environmental & Safety Consultation
PEPA staff has the ability to answer routine questions about compliance with environmental & safety laws pertinent to the egg and poultry industries.  Valuable information is just a phone call away.  PEPA's staff has experience in Storm Water Run-Off Regulation & Compliance.

Leader in Food Safety / Quality Assurance
California's Egg Quality Assurance Plan (CEQAP) has served as the national model for an Egg Quality Assurance Plan. This program helps reduce the risks of foodborne illnesses.

Providing Essential Information
Publishes up-to-date information on all activities relating to the poultry and egg industry via newsletters, special mailings and more. A complete listing of those firms involved in the poultry and egg industries in the 11 western states and British Columbia is published yearly. PEPA also disseminates information about the Egg Quality Assurance Program.

High Quality Insurance / Low Cost Price
PEPA offers members money saving insurance programs including Worker's Compensation, Health and Major Medical, Dental, Disability and Accidental Life Insurance and Property and Casualty including product and general liability.

For more information on how you can join nearly 200 other members
contact PEPA at (916) 441-0801

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Why Join An Association?

Why bother to join a trade or professional association? Normally a lack of commitment, time or money is the key factor to not joining. However, listed below are several reasons to join Pacific Egg and Poultry Association. PEPA is shaping the future of your industry, and YOU need to be a part of it. With nearly 200 members, and over 90 years of experience, it's time to check out why you SHOULD belong to PEPA!

  1. PEPA represents your interests before the community and government. It is your voice being heard.

  2. Great seminars, conventions, and educational materials are provided by PEPA. These tools are very important when networking with business associates or looking for the newest rules and regulations pertaining to your field.

  3. PEPA offers many benefits, including group health and life insurance, Worker's Compensation insurance, and much more!

  4. Friends are in abundance in PEPA! Our members have the same concerns, needs, and interests as you! You are never alone in PEPA.

  5. PEPA can provide new ideas by creative peers, and reaffirm what already works, so that you don't waste time trying to "re-invent" the wheel.

  6. Newsletters, journals, research and directories are just a few of the publications available to you from PEPA. Can't find the answer? Call your association office. Someone there will get you the information you need.
  7. PEPA helps you visualize the opportunities that lie ahead and find the tools necessary to turn those opportunities into sound business plans.

  8. An increasing number of associations provide a variety of educational materials and public service programs to educate youth about the workings of their industries. Today's youth will become the leaders of your industry in the years ahead; through the Scholarship & Research Foundation, PEPA clearly helps bring this leadership to achievement.
  9. PEPA is your eyes and ears. We can help to serve as "early warning systems" for potential problems and can help to curtail any problems that might arise.
  10. PEPA is the most cost-effective vehicle for managing industry-wide concerns and activities. More importantly, we frequently provide in-depth management assistance and support to members.

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